Residential Program

A 24 hour, seven day per week, controlled, supervised environment in which persons served reside and receive intensive treatment from specially trained counseling staff.  The goal of this program is to interrupt the client’s harmful involvement with alcohol or other drugs, and begin to establish a recovery lifestyle. Residential treatment consists of designated medical and clinical staff members that provide a planned regime of professionally directed assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation services.  This service functions under a set of policies and procedures and is provided within a permanent facility that is licensed for residential care. Treatment services include a range of therapeutic interventions, modalities, and approaches within a single therapeutic environment. Persons admitted to this level of care have a primary diagnosis of chemical dependency. Because the client leaves familiar surroundings where negative behavior patterns are established and reinforced, the likelihood of learning more productive behaviors is enhanced in residential treatment. Residential services are designed to interrupt harmful involvement with alcohol or other drugs, and to help the person develop a plan to achieve permanent changes in his or her life. In addition, the services provide appropriate levels of medical monitoring for those clients experiencing the need for sub-acute detoxification.  Appropriate psychiatric services referrals are made as necessary.