Day Treatment & Intensive Outpatient

Day Treatment and IOP services each provide a measured level of structure which is more than
traditional outpatient, yet far less restrictive than residential. Both provide combinations of
group, didactic and individual therapy in the context of a daily milieu treatment setting while
utilizing the home environment as a support to the recovery plan. The scope, frequency, and
duration of Day Treatment and IOP services are dependent upon a variety of factors, including
insurance requirements and client need. Persons admitted to this level of care have a primary
diagnosis of chemical dependency. Clients may be referred to this level of care as part of a continuing care plan after leaving residential treatment. Clients may also be referred to this level of care when it is determined that outpatient counseling services are not intense enough to provide the support or structure necessary for the client. For either of these situations, the goal of this level of care is to provide the person served the necessary tools to develop a healthy, recovery oriented lifestyle. A long-term recovery plan is established for all clients, and may include additional counseling following completion of the Day Treatment/IOP episode. Appropriate psychiatric services referrals are made as necessary.