About NPI

Founded in 1979 as an alternative to jail for adults, in 2007 New Paths added programs which were designed specifically for Substance Use Disorder to compliment the needs of our community.

New Paths has established partnerships with a vast array of community agencies which provide resources for the residents. In addition, residents of New Paths have provided thousands of community service hours to local schools, churches, organizations, and service agencies.

Board of Directors

Susan Smith, Vice President

Lennetta Coney, Treasurer

John G. Battles, Member

Judith Fullerton, Member

Kristina Marshall, Member

Jack Miller, Member

Randy Petrides, Member

Haley Slade, Member

Robert J. Pickell, Honorary Member

Attorney, Genesee County Friend of the Court

Executive Director, Mott Community College Foundation for MCC

Genesee County Friend of the Court

Judge, Retired 7th Judicial Circuit

Director of Human Services Program, Baker College

Merrill Construction, Retired


Mott Community College

Genesee County Sheriff, Retired

Eugene Baldwin, founding Director