Special Populations &
Special Needs

New Paths recognizes that its clients represent several special populations including children, adolescents, women, persons with a history of high risk behaviors such as IV drug use, persons with specific cultural needs, and members of minority groups. New Paths programs provide services to persons with special needs including multiple or co-existing disabilities and disorders, and vocational or educational deficits. In most cases, the organization has been able to design an individualized program of services to address special needs (e.g., dual diagnosis treatment coordination with psychiatry).

This coordination is one of the therapist/case manager’s responsibilities. Specially designed groups are convened as needed. There are competency measures and training to support staff who provide specialty services. In the event that a client’s needs cannot be met through New Paths services, appropriate and timely referrals are made. When a referral outside New Paths is needed, the appropriate contact is made or information given and documented in the client record at the time the problem is identified, following established procedures and adhering to all applicable state and federal regulations protecting the confidentiality of the client.